Factors to Keep in Mind Before Setting Up a Sliding Gate System


Factors to Keep in Mind Before Setting Up a Sliding Gate System

Getting a sliding gate system is a big step for your property. It will completely change the overall impression your guests have upon arriving. It adds a sense of exclusivity and mystique. Rather than an open doorway that anyone can walk through, your property will now seem like a welcoming fortress.

What should you consider before you purchase a sliding gate system? Here are some of the primary things to think about.

Safety Considerations

One of the main reasons to install a sliding gate system is security. Unlike a hardwood gate, a sliding gate allows you to talk through the front without granting access to an individual.

For example, let’s say someone comes up to your property and has a package for you. If you didn’t have a sliding gate, you’d have to open the door for them to accept the package. With a sliding gate however, you can just accept the package through the gate’s bars.

Who Will Install the Gate?

One primary consideration to think about is installation. Once you purchase the gate, who will do the actual installation?

There are three ways you can handle this.

You can do it yourself. If you’re handy with tools and understand the basics of electricity and wiring, you can install most gate systems by yourself.

Alternatively, you can have the gate installed for you. This is much more expensive, but is often the only option if you’re not comfortable with DIY projects.

Finally, you can do a hybrid of the two. You can install the parts you feel comfortable with, then hire a contractor to finish just the parts you don’t know how to do.


Consider your landscaping before you purchase your gate. It’s possible that a bush or boulder can get in the way of your gate opening. Remember that with a sliding gate, the gate has to physically move to one side. That side has to be clear in order for the gate to open. Make sure your gate has an unobstructed space to open into.

Peripheral Systems

There are a number of systems that people commonly purchase along with sliding gates. Consider which systems you want to purchase beforehand, so you can do the installation all in one go.

These systems include:

  • Exit detection systems. This will allow you to drive out and have the gate open automatically.
  • Remote control systems. This will allow you to open your gate from the comfort and safety of your car.
  • Intercom systems. This will allow cars and pedestrians to press a button and talk to you via intercom. You can then open the gates from within your house using the same intercom system.
  • Security cameras. You’ll often want to position a camera near the front gate so you can visually identify visitors to determine whether or not you want to let them in.

Some of these systems are more difficult to install than others. Consider which systems you’re interested in early on so you can better anticipate how much work and money the whole project will cost.

Installation Timetable

Consider how long the installation will take.

If you’re having someone else do it, you may be looking at a several day project. Often time’s you’ll have to spend days waiting around for contractors to show up. You may also need to stick around to make sure your contractors are doing a good job.

Make sure you pay contractors by the project rather than per hour, or you can guarantee that your project will drag on.

If you’re doing it yourself, it’s not uncommon to finish most of the installation within a day. Some of the more complex electronics could take a little more time if you’re not familiar with the equipment used.

Wrapping Up – The Overall Process

Begin by choosing the best gate possible, based on your property’s current design and the aesthetics and function you want from your gate. Read the instruction manual carefully and either install the electric gate system yourself or have it done by someone. Before you purchase your gate, it’s often a good idea to call the distributor to have any question you have answered.

That’s all there is to it. Having a sliding gate system installed could be one of the best decisions you ever make in terms of improving your property.

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