Features and Uses of Disc Springs and Belleville Washers

Uses of Disc Springs and Belleville Washers

Belleville washers and disc springs are an integral part of steel manufacturing mills all over the world. Their applications range from being used as latching devices to prevent heat loss on ovens to connecting high voltage electrode clamping devices. They’re also used to balance rolling mill tracks so rolled steel comes out at the exact same thickness every time. All Belleville washers and disc springs are designed to withstand vibrations as well as rapid temperature spikes or dips.

Here are some of the many features and uses of Belleville washers and disc springs.

High Load to Size Ratio

Disc springs help you save room by having a high load capacity despite being relatively small in size.

A Variety of Load and Deflection Characteristics

Belleville washers and disc springs can adapt to a wide variety of load and deflection characteristics. That makes them useful for a wide variety of mills, a wide variety of applications and a wide variety of different equipment.

 For Static Applications

For static applications, the Bolt and High Load Bellevilles are more than fit the job. They’re thick in nature and have a low dimensional ratio. This increases the load that the Belleville can take. If you need a lot of resistance on contact, this kind of Belleville is an ideal choice.

For Valve Sealing

A force adjusting Belleville is often used in valve applications. These Bellevilles are relatively high in relation to their thickness. When they’re pressed, they’ll actively exert a strong amount of force against the pressure. As the force is deflected, the amount of resistance the Belleville will exert will decrease, much like a spring.

Improperly designed force adjusting Bellevilles can break easily because of the high amount of stress that’s exerted on springs. When designed properly, however, with the right OD/t ratio, force adjusting Bellevilles can have a very high fatigue resistance.

For Clutch and Break Applications

Clutch and break applications pose a unique challenge. Ideally, you need a Belleville that can deliver a high spring rate and a linear load curve to start with, then flatten out. The force limiting Belleville is ideal for this. You can put a lot of load on a force limiting Belleville (up to a point) and it’ll still level off.

Basic High-Quality Disc Springs

Of course, you also have your everyday linear load standard Bellevilles. These can be used to absorb shock in various different kinds of equipment. They can be used to reduce vibrations. They have a very high fatigue resistance, which makes them ideal for high cycle applications.

A Wide Range of Materials

The materials your disc springs and Belleville washers are made of, depend entirely upon your intended uses. Materials can be chosen based on temperature, abrasion resistance, shock resistance, ductility, resistance to oxidizing acids, resistance to chemicals, resistance to fatigue, resistance to corrosion and more.

Custom Orders Available

When you’re ordering disc springs and Belleville washers, it’s important that you work with a company that’s able to customize your order. You don’t want to work with someone who can only fit your order into a certain box.

The kind of order you place if you’re only equipping one or two washers is going to be different than an order that spans thousands of different parts. Make sure you work with a company that truly understands the equipment you’re using and the manufacturing processes your company employs.

They should be able to recommend specific discs and washers for your specific applications, as well as order exactly what you need and no more.

If you’re doing something outside the box, you should be able to have custom parts created for you. You can have disc springs and Belleville washers created with custom load and deflection specifications made just for you.

Urgency and Fast Delivery

Sometimes when you need a part, you need it now. Perhaps a piece of equipment is in danger of breaking down. Perhaps you need it to repair a problem. Whatever the case is, it’s important that you work with a supplier or a local tradesman who understands the urgency and can get you the parts you need in a flash.

Disc springs and Belleville washers are an integral part of any successful steel mill operation.

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