Why A Community College or Tech School Program May Be Right for You

There is a common misconception, which is only now diminishing, that says your options are limited if you seek a degree at a tech school or community college. This is simply not true.

As today’s market is becoming increasingly saturated with job hunters armed with associates and bachelor’s degrees, some employers are instead looking for people with practical skills over extensive education. A community college or vocational school will prepare you for a specific career path, whereas many university tracks put more weight on a generalized academic experience.

Below are just some of the options you will find when researching programs available at community colleges and tech schools.

Training for a Specific Career

There is a wealth of different programs available depending on what field you’re interested in training for. If you want to join the health profession, a tech school may be a perfect choice. For the fraction of the cost of a university education, you can earn your certification in areas like phlebotomy, clinical medicine, and healthcare administration.

Different tracks prepare you for different aspects of the healthcare profession, such as clerical versus clinical. If you want to help people but the sight of blood makes you faint, careers such as medical transcription or billing and coding may be the career you’ve been looking for.

Another field you can enter with a degree or certification from a community college is information technology. As businesses turn increasingly wireless, it is becoming more and more paramount that they utilize a stable and secure network over which they can conduct business.

An aspiring network specialist can expect to learn a number of vital and marketable skills in a community college or tech school networking program, such as network building, web support, client operating systems, and professional development. Since many employers look for up-to-date certifications in any applicant, most networking programs offer their candidates certification in areas such as CompTIA, MCITP, and MCTS.

If you’ve always dreamed of running your own company but can’t afford the time or cost of an MBA, consider getting your business foundations down at a community college or tech school. Nearly every school will offer a business program where you can learn invaluable skills, such as bookkeeping, accounting, and office management. A tech school degree shows that you are willing to go the extra mile to achieve your goals and make your venture successful. A business program at a community college or tech school can be a great asset to someone who is looking to start their own business as well as someone wishing to enter the workforce under an existing enterprise.

Student Support Services at Tech Schools

A community college or a tech school program offers its students many benefits beyond a degree or certification. For starters, unlike many university programs, many community college and tech school tracks put a solid emphasis on real-world experience. Students are often required to complete a certain number of work-study or apprentice hours in order to receive their degree or certification.

As a result, prospective employers see that you have the real world experience to back up your qualifications. In healthcare professions especially, this kind of experience can be a deal maker or a deal breaker. Additionally, community colleges and tech schools often have dedicated career services that will aid you in the process of finding a job upon graduation. For the entrepreneurs out there, career services counselors have the connections necessary to give you a leg up on starting your dream venture upon completion of your program.

Getting the Right Education

In a dynamic and evolving professional environment, the value of an education cannot be understated. However, as college graduates flood the market searching for entry-level positions, employers are beginning to put more and more weight on work experience.

Therefore, the savvy would-be professional realizes that the best path to success is the one that strikes a balance between education and time commitment. The sooner you can enter the workforce, the more experience you will accrue, and the more attractive you may appear to potential employers. Apply to a community college or technical school program today and start your journey to financial stability and success.

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