Write for us

I regularly publish guest posts from folks who can provide me with unique and useful perspectives to our readers. If you’d like to get started as a contributor, you can write for us on Business and Technology topics and drop me an email at contact@mightyontheweb.com

Here are our guidelines:

  1. Guest columns must be minimum 500 words and original content.
  2. Make a strong, clear argument supported by examples, details, and/or data.
  3. Avoid long introductions; get straight to the point.
  4. Be sure to include a headline.
  5. Be sure to include an author bio, including details on your background and expertise that make it clear why your opinion on the topic should count to readers.
  6. It’s great to include images to illustrate key points in your story. But please only include images that you have rights to or that are available under creative commons license. Be sure to include image credits and links.
  7. Please don’t send your story as a PDF — send it in a format that’s easy to edit – Google Docs, Word or paste it into an email.

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